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From Derbyshire with Love

Food that belongs to a place that has some heritage and provenance always speaks to us. Food as history, as memories, as a point of pride, will lift it off our forks and leave its traces in our minds.

Such a dish traces its history to a small village in the Derbyshire Dales and has its creation based in a culinary mistake which has led to various incarnations, recipes and mass market replication. I speak of the town of Bakewell and it's humble pudding which has become a classic.

The original "pudding" is formed from a puff pastry base with jam and egg and almond custard which was a botched attempt at a strawberry tart. An apparent miscommunication between the Landlady and the Cook at The White Horse Inn, dating back as early as 1830, it became a firm favourite and made the village synonymous with the dish.

Somewhere through the mists of time the recipe refined and produced the separate but forever linked Bakewell Tart. Local indignation may shun the more modern interpretation of the dish but this has become the more commonly known. This dish is a more classically formed shortcrust pastry case lined with a fruit jam and filled with almond frangipane and topped with flaked almonds.

The wide popularity of this English confectionery may have much to do with its mass market appearance in the range of the fictional Mr. Kipling who brought British confectionery to the masses in 1967 with his "exceedingly good cakes".

We are delighted to be working with 'The Granary Delicatessen' in Watlington, Oxfordshire, a great hub for foodies in our very own village, to bring you our version of this Derbyshire classic. A great bite alongside a cup of coffee and a catch up with friends.

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