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2019 was another amazing year, taking our love of crumble and custard across the country to some truly memorable events. From a wet and muddy Download Festival, to a scorching hot Glastonbury and winning Best Family Friendly Trader at Deer Shed Festival, last year was a truly great year for the Crumble Shack and we want to thank each and every one of our crumble fans who have made this journey amazing!

We could never have expected the beautiful response we've had from our customers; the look of disbelief turning to pure joy as they realise that yes, it may be a muddy field in a soggy English summer, but we are here with crumble love.

Firm menu favourites have been found and as our regulars seek us out we are proud that they have kept us in their thoughts from year to year and that we have started to create new food memories for our lovely customers.

Be it Crumble Shack fans seeking us out at a festival the minute the gates open or the sight of slightly inebriated teenage boys wearing fluorescent body paint and sunglasses eating crumble at midnight, every event is full of unexpected yet rewarding moments.

The Crumble Shack is now in its 6th year, and like so many of our dear and valued customers our beloved stall is on lockdown until it is safe to return to our home in the muddy fields of our favourite festivals. We miss you all so much and hope you stay safe and well during this turbulent time!

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Blackberry & Apple with Gingerbread Crumble & Custard
Crumble Shack went down fantastically at the Keble College Ball; the food was delicious and a number of people returned for multiple servings. The staff were friendly, professional, and a pleasure to work with. Would highly recommend!
Crumble Shack at Alexandra Palace
Crumble Shack Team at the Southbank
Crumble Shack Menu
Crumble Shack at Festival No.6
Festival No.6
The Original Crumble Shack
Our yummy crumble toppings
Apple & Cinnamon & Nut Crunch


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